Inspiring Healing at all 4 Levels

Using the 5 Keys to Wellness

Leslie Lovejoy

RN, Ph.D - Author & Coach
Leslie has been active in mainstream healthcare and complementary wellness movements for over thirty years.  As a wellness coach, educator, writer, and consultant, she helps people gain insight into the relationship between minds, body, and spirit and the creation of optimal health.  She is passionate about living an authentic life and supporting others as they pursue their own growth.   She holds a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and a doctorate in Social Psycyhology.  She combines Western and Eastern philosophies, science, and subtle energy practices to help individuals, groups, and businesses create sustainable health-promotion programs.  She lives in an "off-the-grid" home on forty acres in rural northern California with her partner, many pets, and all the natural beauty and wildlife to inspire her in her journey to promote healthy people and a healthy planet.

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