Using the 5 Keys to Wellness


As a wellness teacher, there is an unlimited amount of information that you can learn, apply and teach. You are always a student in life and it is more fun to practice new and different health improvement tools. Over the years we have had some very interesting classes and always learn something from the students. These are some of the classes that delve a bit more deeply into the wide subjects of our books.

We have offered classes in many forms including a wellness camp, retreats, assemblies, conferences and college courses over the years. These are just a few of our favorites. Please feel free to use the materials and make them your own. If you would like some assistance or more information, please contact

Leadership University
How to be an effective, successful leader.

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Wellness University
How to become a role model of health at all four levels.

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Mission Finding

Camp Watta Watta 

Intuitive Leadership

ABC’s of Spiritual Health

Culture of Health

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