Inspiring Healing at all 4 Levels

Using the 5 Keys to Wellness

Who We Are

At Harmony Healing House, we believe that when we are aware of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and continue HEALING at all four levels, we can achieve HARMONY individually, as a family, in any organization and even throughout the world.


As a hospital administrator, Kelly Mather saw an opportunity to improve the current healthcare system by inspiring healing and wellness for patients, staff and the community.  After testing many wellness programs since the 1990’s and having no luck finding a low cost and simple system that has a lasting impact on health, she decided to create one herself. With the assistance and passion of fellow healthcare leaders and wellness fanatics, Harmony Healing House was born in 2006. The Children’s books, Wellness workbooks, manuals for the “Healthy Kids are Contagious” school system and the “Healing Hospital Model” are all education tools that we offer on this website for free.  We do this to further our mission to inspire healing at all 4 levels and we hope you join us in making health contagious! 

Our Team



We continue to evolve, but here is a video from 2012 for a quick overview of

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