Understanding healing at all levels


Using the Five Keys to Wellness

Explore the Four Levels of Healing

Our physical body is our beautiful vehicle on earth.

It is our biofeedback system that is naturally healthy but often needs healing due to lifestyle and environment.

Our emotional body is our feelings and desires.

We can heal at this level by purifying our emotions and allowing them to flow with less attachment.

Our mental body is our mind and thoughts.

We can heal at this level by taming the inner critic and thinking more positively.

Our spiritual body is our higher self and soul.

Tremendous healing can happen at this level with awareness and connection.

Learn the Five Keys to Wellness

The First Key to Wellness is Self Love since the most important thing you can do for your health is to unconditionally love and accept yourself. When we have self love, we feel secure.
The Second Key to Wellness is Breathing since it is physiologically impossible to be stressed when you are deep breathing, it takes just a few minutes to breathe for your health and it is free! When we breathe properly we feel calm.

The Third Key to Wellness is Positive Choices since your choices of people, environment, intake, movement, self-care and sleep at every moment determines your physical health. When we make positive choices, we feel energetic.

The Fourth Key to Wellness is Balance since healthy people work, study, rest and play each day and try not to over-do! When we are balanced, we are productive.
The Fifth Key to Wellness is Trust which is when you know in your heart that there is higher purpose and meaning in everything. When we trust, we are usually content.