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Wellness Workbooks

We offer these guides to inspire healing at all 4 levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual

Children’s Books

We offer beautifully illustrated children’s stories to inspire parents and teachers to do one of the most healthy and loving things you can do for a child: read them a book!

Kids easily learn and use the 5 Keys to inspire us all because: Healthy Kids are Contagious!

Wellness Assessments

Find your health treasure through awareness!

Manuals & Support Tools

Organizations such as schools and hospitals can inspire healing and wellness, being natural leaders in health improvement today!

Healthy Kids Are ContagiousThe Healthy Kids are Contagious Teachers Manual offers 30 minute group lessons for grades Kindergarten through High School to inspire children and teens to learn and practice using the health improvement system to maintain their health for life. School systems that reinforce using the 5 keys to Wellness create healthy adults.

COMING SOON: The Healing Hospital Model is a manual that helps hospitals and healthcare organizations become healthy places to work and heal. The human experience in healthcare is profound for all involved and a healthy culture has a lasting impact on patient healing and community health.

Elemental Healing is a compilation of guided meditations for healing. You are guided to the crystal mountain, a rainbow grotto, the secret garden and an enchanted cove to experience healing at all 4 levels.

Guided imagery is a very effective way to heal. Patients are encouraged to use the exercises before, during and after hospital experiences to tap into their natural ability to heal themselves.