How We Help

As health and wellness leaders, we’ll tailor our services to meet your unique needs, or the needs of groups and organizations. We offer simple, low cost tools that last a life time.


Kelly Mather and Leslie Lovejoy, R.N., PhD are seasoned speakers in the healthcare and wellness world and they LOVE to inspire groups to heal at all 4 levels by using the 5 Keys to Wellness. We are open to traveling when the universe calls.


There are many different modules and syllabi available to teach wellness in “Tools 4 You.” If you would like to work with one of our teachers to better understand the material or on how to tailor it to a certain group, please contact us.


Leslie Lovejoy, R.N., PhD is available for individual or team coaching through zoom. Coaching and mentoring are Leslie’s main mission today and she offers her many years of expertise from her heart at a very reasonable rate. Email to schedule an appointment.


The assessments are available on the home page when you click on the treasure chest. If you have completed an assessment and would like more information or a recommendation on how to create a culture of health, please contact us.